Purifans Can Be a Great Office Wellness Program

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Purifans Can Be a Great Office Wellness Program

Office PhotoMany business owners took great pride in finding and offering their employees the best health insurance options for their families. Those days are gone, as changes in the health insurance programs has forced even the best companies to offer employees plans that have high deductibles and co-pays.

This means the out-of-pocket health related costs of caring for their family forces employees to spend much more of their own after-tax take home pay on health costs. This can have a devistating impact on the employees family budget, put extra stress on the employee, and make them consider finding another job, or even adding a second job. What can a good company do to help their employees lower their out of pocket health cost spending?

One answer is to fund new Wellness Programs, where the comany can invest in things that can improve the daily health, reduce the incidences of sickness and make the employee and their family healthier. In the past these have included subsidized gym memberships, smoking cessation programs, diet and weight loss classes. The problem is that very few of these expensive wellness programs really impact very many of the employees.  Primarily because these programs require the employee to make a commitment of time, and change their behaviors.

Placing Purifans in office areas my be the best employee wellness program for these eight important reasons.

  1.   On day one, 100% of the employees in the office participate and benefit.

  2.   This program focuses on avoiding the most common causes of missed work days.

  3.   Reducing allergies can have a significant impact on employee health cost spending.

  4.   Reducing the spread of seasonal contagious illnesses can save sick days and costs.

  5.   Emplyees who feel better at work, perform better at work, raising productivity.

  6.   Reducing odors from perfumes, colognes and other body odors can really help.

  7.   The air movement from Purifans can stabilize the temperatures in the entire room.

  8.   The whole room air movement can lower heating and cooling costs, saving money.

Purifans placed in office areas can help reduce or avoid the spreading of common seasonal illnesses like allergies, colds and flu.  Seasonal contagious illnesses like colds and flu can be spread in cubical office environments by viruses riding on the tiny dust particles that float in the air in any indoor environment.  This is called "particle droplet transmission" and the CDC and EPA reviewed studies have proven one sick person can infect many others in the building even dozens of feet away.

The viruses from the sick person are exhaled when they breathe, cough or sneeze.  These virus filled moisture droplets attach themselves to the dust particles you see floating the air when you watch a sunbeam coming through the window.  Like little hot air balloons these particles are then floating throughout the office area and another employee just inhaling as part of their breathing will get these virus laden particles deposited in their respiratory mucus and the illness sharing is complete.

To reduce the spread of these illnesses the CDC, hospitals and the other health agencies around the world suggest providing powerful room air purifiers that capture and eliminate the floating dust particles that provide the airborne floating mechanism to spread the moisture droplets much farther away from the sick person.  The CDC has published studies proving by controling these airborne particles you help reduce the spread of contagious iillnesses in hospitals and any facility.

Cubical employees cringe with someone comes to work sick, and they hear them coughing, blowing their nose and sneezing in their nearby cubicle.  Just as expected the illness spreads quickly through the employee population or students in any classroom.  Reducing the spread of illnesses can lower health costs, missed work days and the loss of productivity when employees are trying to work while experiencing the symptoms from these illnesses.

Most employee wellness programs have very low participation and minimal impact on reducing health costs, missed work days and the cost of employees speading contagious respiratory illnesses at work.  Purifans can offer an immediate benefit to every employee that breathes.

Another major potential for helping employees with children reduce their out-of-pocket health cost spending is to help fund installing Purifans in children's classrooms at their local school.  This can have a big impact on the childs health and missed school days.  In some schools, student absenteeism was reduced by 61%, and inhaler use was reduced by 70%.   These changes keep the employee's students in school, employees at work and save a significant amount of out-of-pocket health care spending by the family.

The bottom line is Purifan may be the one Employee Wellness Program that offers the highest participation rate and the biggest financial return to the business.  Find out more at www.purifan.com.

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