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Purifan is the lowest cost, highest performing air cleaner for second hand smoke and odors.  More and more clubs, posts and bars are replacing expensive electronic smoke-eater type systems that use 8 times as much electricity as a Purifan solution.  Purifans come with a lifetime warranty, and electrostatic smoke systems are much noisier, and they usually wear out in about 24 to 36 months requiring complete replacement.

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Right now we are offering new customers who want to buy one Purifan package a special discounted price of $399.95.  For a limited time the sale also has larger discounts for any customer who needs multiple units.  This can be a huge savings for installing Purifans in a Lodge, Post or Club, in an Office for Employee Wellness, in an Elementary School to reduce absenteeism and sick days for students and teacher or in any Daycare wanting to reduce the spread of illness to other children.   Follow our Special Offers by liking our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Why Purifan is the Best Air Purifier Design
We have been manufacturing the patented Purifan since 1998. Many of our competitor's air purifiers like Oreck, Honeywell or Hunter, wind up turned off, or in the basement storage area after a few months because they are too noisy, require too much time washing collection plates, or prove ineffective in reducing dust, odors or allergy symptoms. When Purifans go up, they stay up forever because THEY WORK, even in commercial uses in bars and classrooms.

Below you can read about product and filter pricing, and further understand the key Purifan product features that make it the best air purifier design for most home or commercial applications. 
  • Turns your existing ceiling fan into the world's best air purifier design. Just remove the paddle blades, install the Purifan mounting brackets and install the Purifan.  It takes about 45 minutes for most homeowners, and comes in four designer colors.
  • Filters 2,200 cubic feet of air per minute. It filters all the air in a room every 90 seconds, all for only 60 watts of energy, or 1/2 amp load, while some competitors models use 8 to 10 amps on high.  This means More Air Changes per Hour, with 40 air changes per hour in a 20 x 20 x 8 foot room.  This is the most important reason the Purifan works so well.  Many government studies have proven that you need 12 or more air changes per hour to get documented allergy and Asthma symptom reduction.  Most floor or shelf air purifiers produce under 3 room air changes per hour. Twelve or more air changes per hour are recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of contagious illnesses through particle droplet transmission, including colds, flu, TB, whooping cough and many more.
  • Still Moves Air like a ceiling fan, saving you money on heating and cooling costs, and making the room feel more comfortable.
  • Filtration to .3 micron to remove Asthma and allergy causing particles. Activated carbon filtration to capture volatile gasses and odors. Optional Smoke Filters add an additional filter layer of potassium permanganate and alumina to reduce smoking odors. The air smells clean. Disposable PA1 Allergy Filters are only $45 per set, optional PA2 Smoking Filters are only $55. Case discounts lower these filter costs as much as $10 per set.
  • No Unhealthy Ions or Ozone added to your room air. Ozone is considered harmful by the EPA and can create serious respiratory health problems, especially for children and the elderly.  Many electronic and ionic air purifier models using high-voltage charges and collection plates add ions and ozone to the room air.  Charged particles stick to walls, carpet and furniture creating black stains.  Purifan safely and effectively captures these particles in disposable paper media and captures odors in activated charcoal.
  • Silent operation, Purifan is so quiet you'll forget it is operating.  This is very important in bedrooms, baby's room, TV watching areas, clubs, restaurants, offices, daycares and classrooms, or anytime you are listening or talking in person or on the phone.
  • Out of the way, on the ceiling, in the middle of the room to create the optimum airflow pattern to clean all the air in the room.  Doesn't take up valuable floor space.
  • Low Maintenance requires filter changes once per year in most homes.
  • Made in the USA so you can support US jobs while you breathe better
  • Lifetime warranty so you'll never have to worry, it performs like it is a brand new unit with every filter change, while many competitive models wear out in 2 or 3 years.
  • Best Value per Cubic Foot of filtered air - The Purifan is only $399.95 with PA1 Allergy Filters or powerful PA2 Smoking Filters and it produces 2,200 cubic feet of filtered air per minute at a cost of only 19 cents per CFM of filtered air. A Purifan provides the lowest cost for each cubic foot per minute of clean filtered air of all air purifiers. This is especially true when you consider the cost of filters, cleaning costs, electricity costs and projected lifetime of the unit operating 24 hours a day.  These costs are part of the true total ownership cost to the owner of any air purifier. Purifan is the lowest total cost solution that truly works in homes, businesses and school classrooms.  
To help our customers understand the more specific financial and health benefits that can be created by providing cleaner, healthier air, we have set up 9 of our most popular application areas with the pictures to the right side at the top of this home page.  Just click on the application area that best fits your need to see more specific benefits of Purifan in these applications.

Have a question?  Call us toll free at 1-800-686-6131.

Why Filtered Air is So Important to Your Health
Why Filtered Air Is So Important to Your Health

We know clean, filtered purified air is an important key to a healthy life. You worry about the 2 liters of water you put in your body in a typical day.  You make sure it is pure and filtered.  You focus on the carefully reading the ingredients on food labels, and consider the impact they might have on your health.  You eat less than 2 liters of of this carefully selected food in a typical day, and you want the food to be clean and pure. 

ut what about the 11,000 liters of unfiltered, particle-filled dirty air you inhale into your body every 24 hours?  In every bedroom, office, public waiting area, daycare or classroom it contains millions of decaying skin and hair cells, pollen, mold, insect feces and many more unhealthy particles and gasses.  Breathing is the equivalent of every child in a classroom drinking water collected from the street gutters, from the same glass or bottle. It is like eating food from a street trash container.  What health damage does that cause your respiratory system and immune system?

You can convert most existing ceiling fans into a powerful air purifier by just removing your paddle blades, installing the Purifan mounting brackets to the ceiling fan motor, and then installing the Purifan to the brackets.  In just a few minutes you have turned your existing ceiling fan into what we believe is the most powerful and effective air purifier on the market.  In takes most customers about 45 minutes to install their Purifan on an existing ceiling fan.

Plus, the Purifan still works like a ceiling fan
in the room, providing a comfortable airflow throughout the room, using filtered, clean air instead of just stirring the dust and pollutants.  It still moves air like a ceiling fan, and it can support most light kits used in residential or commercial ceiling fan installations.

The Purifan's airflow can help lower heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the months that require air conditioning.  It can eliminate hot and cold spots in the room and keep temperatures the same all over the room.  This can solve temperature problems along windows, in the sun or in the shade.  Plus the charcoal in the filters eliminates odors given the entire room a clean, crisp, odor free environment that people really notice.  Many customers comment that they like the airflow created by the Purifan better than a ceiling fan, especially in  bedrooms, classrooms and office areas.

Only the Purifan provides up to 40 air changes per hour over a 20 x 20 foot room area. Many medical studies have proven there are significant health benefits from using an air purifier if the air purifier can produce more than 10 to 12 air changes per hour.  In fact the Air Changes per Hour are the primary criteria for making an air cleaner effective. Many medical studies have concluded that air purifiers that produce fewer than 6 air changes per hour have little noticeable benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers. Once an air cleaner produces more than 10 or 12 air changes per hour the benefits of reduced allergy and asthma symptoms are reported by most people. In some studies children with Asthma reported all symptoms disappeared when air changes per hour exceeded 10. One 3 year double-blind study in Europe with 10 air changes per hour resulted in a 55% reduction in respiratory illness related sick days in a children in a day-care facility. Purifans can produce about 40 air changes per hour at a very low cost to install and operate.


The Purifan is located in the ideal location, on the ceiling in the center of the room.  It is overhead, out-of-the-way and in the ideal spot to clean the entire room.
1 - The dirty, particle-filled air is driven back to the Low Pressure suction right below the Purifan.  All this air is sucked into the Purifan
2 - The dirty air is forced through the hidden 5-stage filters.
3 - The Purifan blows high velocity filtered air in all 360 degrees, creating High Pressure, providing fresh, clean, odor-reduced air to all parts of the room. This entire air-flow pattern over a 20 x 20 foot room(400 square feet) is repeated every 90 seconds or 40 Air Changes per Hour.
Air Changes per Hour is the primary performance criteria for evaluating the benefits and effectiveness of an air cleaner.
What is the Better Buy for Clean Air: $1 per CFM or 19 cents per CFM?
The most popular air purifiers from major manufacturers sell for amounts from $199 to $599 and most filter about 200 to 300 CFM of air, so buyers are typically paying more than $1 for each CFM of air filtering capacity. 
Purifan Air Flow

The reality is that most floor and shelf model air purifiers make noise similar to a vacuum sweeper when running on the highest speeds, so for sleeping, watching TV or talking to someone in the room or on the phone, most people have to set the speed setting to the lowest setting, and then the airflow of filtered air drops to less than 100 CFM, meaning fewer air changes per hour and less effectiveness.  But Purifan is totally silent, even on the 2,200 CFM highest speed setting on most ceiling fans.

But with Purifan you are paying only $399.95, and getting at least 2,200 CFM of clean air, so the cost is only about 21 cents per CFM of filtered air.  This is clearly a much better value, because you should remember, you are not buying an Air Cleaner just to own an air cleaner, you should be interested in buying the most Cubic Feet of Clean, Filtered Air per Minute you can get for the lowest cost per cubic foot of clean air. 
The typical floor and shelf model air purifier require expensive air filters, and most do not have very much, if any, activated charcoal to reduce odors.  If the model using ionic charged attraction, and collector plates you will have to clean the plates every one or two weeks in most homes.  While this doesn't take more than 15 to 30 minutes it is time you have to waste every week or two.  If you don't clean it, Ionic models won't work or even worse, they wake you up at night sounding like a bug zapper in your bedroom.  Plus ionic models have been flagged by consumer research groups as producing dangerous levels of ozone in a closed room.  Definitely not good for your respiratory health. Click Here to see the EPA website for details on Ozone produce by ionic air cleaners.

With Purifan you typically only need one low-cost filter change per year in a non-smoking home.  Even with a lot of pets or smokers, the Purifan filters last a long time and are low cost. Filters can be changed easily without any tools.


Purifan is the quietest air purifier that moves enough air to make a significant impact on the airborne pollutants throughout a 20 x 20 x 8 foot room.  Purifan uses a standard ceiling-fan motor to spin the Purifan at an amazingly quiet 200 to 220 RPM.  You can even mount the Purifan to most existing ceiling fans you have, and keep the existing motor and light kit you currently have installed.  The Purifan makes even less noise than a bladed ceiling fan.  That is one of the primary reasons Purifan is the best choice for school classrooms, offices and especially for bedrooms.
Any floor or shelf-model air cleaner that uses a high-speed, small fan motor to move the air will sound like a vacuum sweeper.  This noise makes it very difficult to sleep, talk, watch TV or carry on a normal conversation on the phone or in person.  Turn these floor or shelf models to a lower, quieter speed and the air-flow drops to a low level that is ineffective in cleaning the air with enough air changes per hour to do any real good.
Purifan customers constantly compliment Purifan on its quiet operation, and many customers replaced noisy ineffective floor models, shelf models or ionic models with their Purifans.


Purifan only uses 60 watts of electricity on high-speed.  Compare this to the 8 or 10 amps required by some ceiling mounted electrostatic models used for smoke removal in bars and casinos.  The real cost of any air purifier must consider the operating costs of electricity, maintenance, service or cleaning costs and the realistic life of the product.  Most air cleaners offer a 90 day warranty, or maybe one or two years max.  In fact commercial air purifiers used in smoking applications, sometimes called electrostatic smoke eaters have a service life of only 24 to 36 months before they typically need to be replaced with new models.  So make sure you compare the energy costs by checking the current draw, or watts used on the highest setting.  Purifan draws about 1/2 amp which is 60 watts.

Some customers even tell us they consider the energy cost of a Purifan to be zero, since they were already running their ceiling fan.  Just converting the ceiling fan into a Purifan doesn't change the electrical load because the Purifan takes NO MORE energy than you were using before.  You also still get the benefits of ceiling-fan air-flow which saves energy on heating and cooling.  Hunter Fan, one of the companies who invented the ceiling fan in the late 1800's.  Hunter Fan states their studies have shown the potential energy savings caused the air motion created by a ceiling fan can save up to 46% on the energy costs to heat or cool a room on the hottest and coldest days of the year.
During summer months, the wind-chill cooling over a person's skin creates a comfortable cooling effect that reduces the need for air conditioning.  Air conditioner thermostat settings are set to a higher temperature thereby saving energy costs.
During winter months the Purifan draws hot air down from the ceiling and distributes it evenly throughout the room.  No cold spots anywhere in the room, even along windows or in the shade.  Heat thermostat settings are lower, saving energy costs.
The entire room stays at the same comfortable air temperature, with a slight breeze that can be felt everywhere in the room.  In a bedroom it is like a waterfall of clean, filtered air is running down the wall onto the bed.


Purifans come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  They are designed to last a lifetime and every time you replace the filters with new Purifan filters, the Purifan will performs just like the day it was brand new. Compare that to floor, shelf and ionic models.  These units may sound like a bargain, but most of the low-cost models can break or get corroded plates easily making them stop working.  Then you have to spend the same money all over again to get another unit. Larger, high-quality floor models still make all the noise, require expensive filters and consume more energy to operate.  They may last a few more years, but usually the electronics or motor bearings wear out, requiring expensive repairs or a new unit.

When you purchase a Purifan you get a product designed to last a lifetime.  Ceiling fan motors sold by Purifan and others are designed to run for 30 or more years.  The motors are low cost and easy to replace with the latest Energy-star Models.

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Why Purifan is a Great Air Purifier Design
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