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Reducing the Risk of Aerosolized Spread of COVID is Critical to Both Businesses and Schools

Purifan Introduces New Purifan Certified UVC Germicidal Light Equipped Air Filter That Quickly Removes and Kills Viruses in Captured Aerosolized Droplets

WICHITA, Kansas, September 21, 2020 – Purifan’s product was invented and patented by a teacher, Paul Fiacco, in 1998, in Derby, Kansas. Little did he know he might be inventing a product that could make school classrooms, businesses, retail stores, offices and dining areas much safer during a pandemic. Sadly, Paul Fiacco died in a drowning accident in 2008 at age 67. Purifans were installed in school classrooms starting in 2005, and the teachers and students saw a major impact on their health in a classroom with Purifans. Many of the top pandemic experts have stated that airborne spread of COVID19 is a major risk in rooms where people have to inhale and exhale the same air.

Purifan announced a new optional upgrade package that adds a Purifan Certified UVC Germicidal Light Kit to kill viruses quickly when aerosolized droplets are captured in the five- stage filter system. Purifan’s Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration Systems have been removing tiny particles and smoke from the room air since 1998. Over 50,000 have been installed, mostly through customer referrals.

Upgraded with a UVC 253.7 nanometer Germicidal light, the Purifan kills any live viruses, bacteria or germs in a few minutes of exposure.

Many scientists and research groups have published studies that report COVID19 can also be spread in public places, by the microscopic moisture droplets that can float in the air in the room for an extended time. This happens in offices, nursing homes, businesses, classrooms, stores, day cares, bars and restaurants. These microscopic droplets are created by normal exhaling, talking, singing, yelling, coughing or sneezing, and some of these moisture droplets attach to floating dust particles in the air. Then these droplets can be inhaled or deposit on the surface of the eyes to infect the healthy people in the room up to 20-30 feet away. Tracking studies on COVID spread have shown these particles emitted by a contagious person, drift freely on air currents in the room. Tracking investigations showed that people in the room can be infected more than 20 feet away from the sick person.

Purifans are powerful air filtration systems that mount to the ceiling, exactly like a normal ceiling fan. A single Purifan typically filters all the air in a 20 x 20 x 8 foot area once every 90 seconds.   Purifans produce a powerful 2,200 CFM airflow pattern pulling the moisture droplets and other airborne particles or smoke up and into their five stage filter system, capturing the moisture droplets in the filters. Once the moisture droplets are captured in the Purifan filters they dehydrate, and the risk of aerosolized spread is substantially reduced or eliminated. Purifans use disposable 5 layer filters including .3 micron paper filter media and activated charcoal filter media to capture particulates, odors and Volatile Organic Chemicals. Filters are replace 3 or 4 times per year in most office or business applications. Filters are replaced two times per year in a typical classroom. Purifans produce no ozone or ionic particles that are considered unhealthy to people in the room.

Purifan option UVC Light Kit Upgrade shines a proven virus-killing, UVC 253.7 nanometer, germicidal light onto the surface of the filters in the Purifan, killing any live viruses, bacteria or germs in a few minutes of exposure. The very specific 253.7 wavelength of UVC light, interacts with the DNA of any virus or bacteria and damages its ability to replicate and survive. Purifans use these UVC Germicidal lights to kill viruses and bacteria on the surface of the filters. Three are many proven uses of UVC light to disinfect areas like hospital rooms, surgery areas and doctors’ offices.

Purifans are silent, high-capacity, ceiling mounted air filtration systems that filter a 20 by 20 foot area, 40 times per hour to reduce the number of airborne fine particulates by 90% or more.

In addition to thousands of Purifan installations in bars and Veterans Clubs, homes, offices, and businesses, Purifans have been installed in classrooms in over 50 schools starting in 2005. In every case, the teachers and students saw a significant reduction in missed school days due to the spread of seasonal colds and flu, which have similar spread patterns like COVID19.

After Purifans were installed in classrooms and hallways, reported attendance records of some of these schools reported the following:

  • the annual missed school days for children was reduced by as much as 61%,
  • teachers had 50% fewer sick days,
  • a 70% reduction in children needing to use their inhaler based on logs kept at the school nurse’s station.

Scholastic test results also improved dramatically for the children in these Purifan-equipped schools because the children missed fewer sick days and they were able to keep up with classwork. Parents and teachers also reported many children were able to stop taking mind- numbing allergy medications they needed daily before the Purifans were installed.

Schools reported up to a 61% reduction in student sick days, a 50% reduction in teacher sick days and a 70% drop in inhaler use by students.

Purifan management believes the entire cost of installing Purifans and changing the filters and UVC lights in elementary school classrooms will be recovered by the substantial financial payback to Medicaid Health Costs for Children. Since the annual savings far exceed the costs, the company believes that Medicaid Insurance Program or other designated Federal Funding should pay for the installation, and the expendables cost for filters and the new UVC germicidal bulbs. The projected payback is typically calculated at over 20 to 25 times the cost. That payback does not go to the school’s budget, it goes to Medicaid, private health insurers, the families, and their employers. The savings comes from reduced health costs for the Medicaid insured children in the classrooms. When Purifans filter allergens out of the school air, allergy and Asthma related health costs to Medicaid are substantially reduced. Now with the potential

Purifans are Ideal for Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Waiting Areas. They are quiet, overhead and out of the way.

Medicaid health costs from COVID, there should be an increased investment in reducing the aerosolized spread of these contagious illnesses. Purifans will help Medicaid-insured children to have reduced needs for doctors visit, testing, prescription drugs, inhalers and other more serious health issues like Asthma or a COVID-like infection and hospitalization. This can save Medicaid more than 25 times the cost of funding the Purifans in schools on an annual basis.

Purifans are ideal for many small businesses, stores, pharmacies, barber shops, hair and nail salon, retail stores, dry cleaners, waiting rooms, gyms, day cares and office areas, where the goal is to protect the employees, and make the customers feel like everything is being done to reduce the risk of aerosolized spread of COVID 19.

Businesses often use signs and door decals to explain the Purifan’s benefits of keeping the indoor air healthier for both employees, customers and visitors.

Purifan is also asking major University and Government research operations who are working on finding a solution to filter out aerosolized droplets from the air in offices, businesses, and schools to evaluate and test the Purifan. We believe the Purifan’s unique airflow patterns, air-changes-per-hour and ceiling mounted location will produce a significant potential solution for reducing the aerosolized spread of COVID19.

Purifan’s website, www.purifan.com has been updated with more information about the new UVC Germicidal Light option that is now available. Quantities of Purifans and the new Purifan Certified UVC Light Kit Option could be limited if the company receives large numbers of orders. Purifans are ideal for many

Signs are place on the doors and hanging from the Purifans to inform customers and employees of the many benefits.

businesses, offices, bars, clubs, restaurants and schools and day care operations. Purifan has plans to increase production as needed to meet any increased demand in orders. For more information visit the company website or contact the Company at 316-932-8001 ext 13, or ext 12.