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Purifans for- A Home, Bedroom or Baby's Room
Cleaner Indoor Air is Healthier
Cleaner Indoor Air is Healthier
Purifans can be installed anywhere you would install a ceiling fan.

Purifans are easy to install and can replace an existing ceiling fan. You still get the energy-saving benefits of comfortable airflow that you get from a ceiling fan, but the air is much cleaner because the Purifans hidden filters capture dust, allergens and odors. Purifans are the ideal solution if you have someone who Living Room
smokes in the home. Most Purifans are installed to reduce allergens and odors and make the indoor air healthier, but some customers say the reduction in dust in their home on surfaces, picture frames, shelves and television screens is worth the entire price of the Purifans. Dusting your home is a time-consuming and frustrating experience because the dust just settles back on the same surfaces, but Purifans can really reduce the dust because the filters capture and eliminate it from the air in the room. Some customers buy Purifans because of pet odors or dander from dog and cats. Families with children buy Purifans and install them in the children's rooms to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Children who sleep in cleaner air have stronger lungs to fight the allergens at school or outside.
  • Bedrooms for allergies, asthma, dust, odors and to help stop snoring!
  • Children's rooms for allergies, asthma and dust problems!
  • Baby's room to reduce colds, sinus and ear infections! Studies also show a fan in a baby's room can lower the risk of SIDS death.
  • Kitchen areas for cooking odors, pet odors or smoking odors!
  • Family rooms for dust, odors and air-flow!
  • Smoking areas including offices, dens, sunrooms, kitchens and even garage areas!
  • TV Rooms or Media Rooms for cool, quiet breeze and reduced dust on TV and electronics!
  • Pet Odors! Great for dogs, cat dander, birds, hamsters, fish and reptiles!
  • Basements for odors, mold, mildew smells and moisture drying airflow!
  • Seniors' homes for smoking odors or just healthier air for those with respiratory issues!

Why Homeowners Install Purifans?
The major reasons and benefits customers report from installing Purifans in their home include all of the following.Children's Room
  • Reduces or eliminates allergy and Asthma triggers and symptoms.
  • Reduces odors and dust from cigarettes, cigars or pipes.
  • Provides a more desirable air-flow than a ceiling fan. Air doesn't blow in their face!
  • Eliminates or reduces common odors and household dust. Less time dusting, house is cleaner.
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs like a ceiling fan.
  • Keep their children healthier, with fewer allrgies, sinus and ear infections.
  • Pet odors and pet dander that adds to the dust problem. Great for cat dander.
  • Many customers have reported their spouse stopped snoring. Even some dogs stop snoring!
Ideal Location and High Volume of Filtered Air. The Purifan is up on the ceiling, out of the way, and it runs 24 hours a day producing a comfortable breeze in the room. The air in the room is filtered every 90 seconds making the air smell and feel fresher and cleaner.
Cleaner Indoor Air is a Great Wellness Program for Most People - Some form of Respiratory Illness, Infection, Allergy or Asthma problem is the most common cause of sickness, missed school or work days and spending money on doctor's visits and medicines for otherwise healthy adults and children. These health problems are all triggered or aggravated by high levels of airborne allergens and dust. Removing or reducing these allergens, irritants and asthma triggers can dramatically reduce the rate of illness and sick days, and lower health care costs. Sleeping in a room with cleaner, healthier filtered air can give your lungs and respiratory system a chance to repair itself and give it a better chance to fight the negative impact of breathing bacteria, viruses and allergen particles during the rest of the day!

Homeowner Testimonials
"So far, I am very impressed. It pulls bird feathers straight up out of the air into the fan. Will help immensely to keep bird room clean. Plan to buy another for my living room."

Mary McNally,

Skiatook, OK

"Great help for dad's asthma, much less dust on shelves, appliances, etc."

Capt. Billy Parr

Sebring, FL

"The first thing that I noticed after the Purifan filters were installed was a clear sun beam coming through the window."

Denny Boleyn,

Vandalia, IL

About a year ago, Nancy Myers of Williston bought and installed a Purifan from Air Care Technologies, Inc in Colchester, Vermont. After years of suffering from allergies, she now sleeps through the night without itching and wheezing. "My whole life has changed," Myers says.

Nancy Myers,

Williston, VT

"My son has very bad allergies. He could not start the day without sneezing 7 -10 times. Since we installed the Purifan System in his room, he might sneeze once or twice. It's been a noticeable improvement."

Matt Devin,

Wichita, KS

"Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!"

Jason Wilburn,

Arlington, TX

"Extremely quiet does an excellent job. We love it!"
Janice Spannaus,

Springfield, MO

Boy's Room"We installed this fan in our bedroom. This Purifan has virtually eliminated all odors and has helped tremendously in the quality of the air, Thank you!"

Shelia Swarringim,

Burlington, IA

"I put up a Purifan about 6 months ago and have noticed a big change in the way I breathe at night. I have needed any medication since and I have noticed there is less dust in the house. The Purifan saves me $90 - $100 a month!
James Brown

Atlanta, KS

"I have severe allergies as well as asthma. I take two oral tablets and a nasal spray. I also have to carry an emergency shot with me. I normally wake up wheezing and with matted eyes. Since we installed the Purifan, NO WHEEZING, NO MATTED EYES, AND NO RUNNY NOSE!! I can even have the windows open!"

Dort Goodman

Sabetha, KS

"We have recently had three Purifans installed in our home and are so enthusiastic about them. Contaminants in the air, including pollen and dust, have been greatly reduced relieving many of our allergies - we also noticed the furniture doesn't have to be dusted as often. We heartily recommend these fans."
Mr. and Mrs. VanDyke

Horseshoe Bend, AR

"I want to thank you for the Purifan! It has made a big difference in my life. I sleep most of the night and I know without the Purifan I would not feel as good as I do each day."

Wally Masters

Wichita, KS


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