Purifan Germicidal UV-C Air Purifiers

Purifan’s patented 360 Degree Clean Air System is designed to draw in microscopic droplets called “aerosolized particles,” which are ejected into the air through coughing, sneezing, talking or even simply breathing. Some lighter particles can hang in the air much like invisible smoke. Some can travel on air currents over considerable distances, depending on their size and velocity. And, these droplets can harbor viruses, bacteria, germs and allergens.

With Purifan operating on the ceiling, these tiny airborne moisture droplets are quickly and continuously drawn upward and captured in Purifan’s five-stage filters. The entire airflow pattern repeats every 90 seconds (or 40 air changes per hour) in a 400 square foot room.

Purifan’s whole room airflow pattern draws in aerosolized particles.

Powerful 253.7 nanometer UV-C light shines directly onto the filter surfaces from only inches away. This specialized type of germicidal UV light is designed to disrupt the DNA of viruses, helping prevent their ability to replicate.

Purifan Germicidal Air Purifiers are powerful enough for businesses and schools, yet safe and quiet enough for a nursery.

The Purifan Clean Air System is the ideal solution for homes, schools and businesses. It is used in the harshest environments, in thousands of restaurants, educational facilities, nursing homes, gyms and office buildings across the country. Two Purifans will filter the air in a typical classroom about 40 times per hour.

Not only that, Purifans are as quiet to operate as a ceiling fan, so they won’t disrupt classroom instruction, conversation or sleep.

Call (800) 686-6131 for pricing and information for your facility.

Get all of the same benefits as our standard Purifans, with the addition of germicidal UV light.

Patented 360 Degree Clean Air System

Purifan releases over 2,000 cubic feet of fresh, clean, breathable air per minute, versus 15 to 200 CFM with many floor or shelf air purifiers. The 360 degree air flow patterns cleans every corner of a typical 20 x 20 x 8 foot room 40 times per hour. This is 20 to 100 times more clean air than popular floor or shelf models.

Turns a Ceiling Fan Motor Into a Full Room UV-C Air Purifier

Purifan runs on a ceiling fan motor, operating silently and out of the way. Like a ceiling fan, it circulates the air to provide cooling and heating benefits. The difference is, it also filters and cleans the air, trapping particles and odors.

Advanced Multi-Stage Air Filtering System

Purifan’s advanced filtration system contains a polyester pre-filter to capture large particles like pet hair, dust, and carpet fibers. The second layer is an activated carbon filter, which absorbs odors and gases, followed by a nanoparticle filter which also has activated carbon to further capture odor-causing particles. The fourth layer is a HEPA-level filter, which traps particles as small as .3 microns, and the final layer is another activated carbon filter, which gets rid of any remaining pollutants or odors.

Cost Effective, Energy Efficient and Easy to Maintain

Purifan uses only 60 watts of electricity, and the ceiling fan air flow can reduce heating and cooling costs from 4 to 12% depending on the climate.

Unlike other air purifiers that require frequent cleaning or expensive filter changes, Purifan only needs two quick filter changes per year in most schools or businesses—and only one in most homes.* Filters can be changed in minutes and don’t require weekly rinsing.

*Environments with strong odors, heavy dust, multiple pets/animals, etc. may require more filter changes. For heavy odor and smoking environments, Purifan recommends a filter change every 3 to 4 months.

Made in the USA With a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Purifan won’t break or wear out after a couple of years. It’s a one-time clean air investment. The Lifetime Warranty requires the use of Purifan Factory Certified Filters.

FAQs for Purifan’s UVC Germicidal Package

Can Purifan show any health claims based on FDA approved studies? - Medical Claims Disclaimer
Purifan is not making any FDA approved medical or health claims at this time, but we are seeking a comprehensive study to be performed by major Universities to focus on measuring and quantifying the potential health benefits from Purifans air filtration system equipped with virus killing UVC lights. We can demonstrate in any real-world environment that the Purifans dramatically reduce airborne particulates measurable by state-of-the-art airborne particulate test equipment. The particle reduction often exceed 90% in classrooms and other office type applications. Purifans have been installed since 1999 in some of the most difficult air purification applications like smoking bars, fraternal veteran clubs like VFW and American Legion, to filter out smoke and odors using EPA recommended filter media and activated charcoal filter layers. Purifans have had schools report their state reported student sick days dropped by 61%, and nurses records showed inhaler used declined by 70%. Even teacher sick days dropped by 50% in one year. So we can show the design of Purifan cleans the air in the room and removes airborne particulates like mold, pollen, dust, decaying skin cells, pet dander and aerosol moisture droplets that can contain and spread contagious illnesses. This should produce a substantial health benefit for the people in these rooms that might be students and teachers, employees, and visiting customers.
How does the Purifan move their air through the filters?
The Purifan silently moves air through the five stage filters by using centrifugal force. The air has weight, and you can feel it from a leaf blower or hair dryer. So when air enters the center of the bottom of the Purifan, it is spun at about 200 rpm by the rotation and the weight causes it to be forced to travel to the outside edge traveling through the five-stage filters and then leave the Purifan going out toward the walls of most rooms. The air then travels in a path down the walls pushing dust, and particulates in the room toward the low pressure area that is created below the spinning Purifan by the lack of air because it was spun out of the sides of the Purifan. This creates a powerful whole room air pattern and most particulates and aerosols emitted by a sick person’s breath are drawn quickly into the filters and these particulates and moisture droplets then get trapped on the inside surfaces of the filters. The UVC light exposes an live biological elements.
Does the UVC Germicidal Light Kit produce an Ozone?
No it does not produce any ozone, if you use Purifan Certified UVC bulbs.
Is the UVC light harmful to skin and eyes, and is your UVC Light Kit safe?
Our design blocks the UVC light from shinning directly on anything outside the Purifan. The light kit is designed to expose the surface layers of the filters but prevent the light from shining directly on anyone in the room. If properly installed and adjusted you should not be able to see the light bulbs producing the UVC light. If the light kit is damaged or some other brand or type of UVC bulb is installed there could be serious health issues created if the non-Purifan bulbs produced OZONE, or allowed the light to shine directly into the room occupants eyes or on their skin.
Does the Purifan produce an ions or other charged particulates in the room?
No we use standard multi-layer filters with .3 micron layers to capture particles in the filter media. We do not produce any charged particles or ozone. Purifans use the EPA recommended process of just filtering the air using mechanical air movement through multilayered filter media and activated charcoal filters to capture particulates, VOCs and odors.
How much energy does the Purifan use, and how often should you run it?
Purifans with UVC light kits use approximately .6 amps or about 75 watts of energy. You can run them 24 hours a day, to control and reduce dust and odors. Or run them when the area is occupied.
Should you run the Purifan on medium or high speed settings? Which direction?
Purifans should be run on the highest speed for the most airflow, and the mother should spin counter-clockwise when looking up at the motor. Purifans can be used on a variety of ceiling fan motors, but the most common motors we provide will spin the Purifan at about 220 RPM on the highest counter-clockwise setting. This amount of RPMs will produce about 2,200 CFM of airflow through new filters. As filters get clogged up over time the Purifan spins faster, but the filters won’t allow as much airflow, so CFM drops. How much depends on the situation and the types of particulates clogging the filters. We recommend changing filters annually in a home, ever 4 months in a classroom, and every 3 or 4 months in most office, business or retail store locations.
How often do you change the UVC lightbulbs?
Scientific studies of UVC light bulb effectiveness recommend changing to new bulbs on an annual basis. The UVC light gets less effective the longer the bulb is used, and it might be reduced 30% to 50% at the end of 12 months of daily usage. So bulbs should be ordered from Purifan, and replaced annually.
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