Improving Air Quality Increases Attendance and Reduces Asthma Symptoms

Protect Customers, Staff & Equipment

Clean Allergens, Dust, and Odors from the Air 40 Times per Hour

Reduce Smoke & Odors

The Lowest-Cost Solution for Keeping Both Smokers and Non-smokers Happy

Breathe Healthier, Purified Air

Our 5-stage Clean Air System Captures Unhealthy and Irritating Particles

Experience Clean Air

Turn Your Existing Ceiling Fan into a Powerful, but Quiet Air Purifier

We have been manufacturing the patented Purifan since 1998. Many of our competitor’s air purifiers like Oreck, Honeywell or Hunter, wind up turned off, or in the basement storage area after a few months because they are too noisy, require too much time washing collection plates, or prove ineffective in reducing dust, odors or allergy symptoms. When Purifans go up, they stay up forever because THEY WORK, even in commercial uses in bars and classrooms.

Purifan is available in four different colors including ivory, pewter, black and bronze.
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Is it time for new filters?

5 Reasons Why Purifan is the Best Air Purifier

Ideal Air Flow

Super Quiet

Energy Efficient

Huge Savings

Lifetime Warranty

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