See Why So Many People Love Purifan

The two fans I’ve purchased have made a world of difference in my smoking lounge!!

David Plant, Moriarty, NM

As an auxiliary member of the American Legion, my post purchased two Purifans and they have made a tremendous improvement in our building. I can now sit and enjoy myself without the discomfort of the cigarette smoke. As an owner of a cat and dog, I know it will improve and help clear up the pet dander and odors and dust particles.

Kathleen Wood, West Palm Beach, FL

The first thing that I noticed after the Purifan filters were installed was a clear sun beam coming through the window. Prior to having these filters, the only thing you could see was smoke and dust in the sunlight. With the Purifan filters, though, there was nothing in the air but the clear sun light. That told me the whole room was clear!

Denny Boleyn, Vandalia Moose Lodge 1447, Vandalia, IL

We installed our Purifans last March and have experienced an 11% increase in overall food and beverage sales and a 145% increase in our bingo hall! All of our members have been impressed with how well the Purifans get rid of the smoke odors.

Greg Walters, Indiana Moose Lodge 17

The Purifans are working good, we are quite pleased.

Mr. John Wiliford, American Legion, Savannah, GA

Extremely quiet does an excellent job. We love it!

Janice Spannaus, Springfield, MO

Everyone loves them, we have two. Non-smokers say their clothes don’t smell smoky when they get home. Easy to clean. Easy to install! Pulls the smoke right up. Everyone should have one!

L. Richards Shelton, Eagles 3862, Shelton, WA

I absolutely love it! The Purifan is quiet, efficient, and economical. It has totally surpassed the system I replaced and I can’t say enough good things about it ? the air is completely clear, smoke-free, and fresh. In addition to the improved air quality, it also alleviates dust – which, in turn saves a whole lot of time. People notice the Purifans right away. I have three and customers are totally impressed with them. They’ve become conversation pieces in their own right.

Wendy Black, Grounds For Appeal, Berwyn, IL

Dillon’s Restaurant has used the Purifan filters in our bar for approximately three months. They have been highly effective in reducing the smoke and odors from the bar. The Purifan system has been much more efficient than the filtering system we had used and I would highly recommend this easy filtration method to anyone in the restaurant and bar business.

Rich Dillon, Dillon’s Restaurant, Peoria, AZ

I noticed immediately the difference in the air I was breathing. I could actually see less dust and smoke in the air, and my eyes did not burn. After a few weeks, it only seemed to work better. I have not had a sore throat or burning eyes since the fans were installed. I cannot thank the Purifan Systems company enough for making my working environment healthier and more comfortable. Our customers and the other employees agree with me, your product is a complete success.

Shari Anton, AT’s Sports Bar, Phoenix, AZ

We initially purchased 1 Purifan about 2 years ago and were so impressed with its performance that we converted all of our ceiling fans to them. Not only do they move air and filter dust, they are available in colors that can match your decor. Our dusting and cleaning from cigarette smoke has been dramatically reduced.

John Ramm, Demo’s Steak and Spaghetti House, Nashville, TN

I have installed four of the Purifans in the lounge, and I can’t tell you what a great difference they have made. The cigarette smoke and smoking odors have simply disappeared from the air. I no longer have customers complaining about someone smoking next to them, or stale odors in the air. They really do a marvelous job! When looking at initial costs and operating costs of the Purifan and other systems, there really is no comparison. The Purifan filters are so cost effective, you can’t afford to not have them in your business.

Jack Wendy, Jack’s Goodyear, AZ

We have had Purifans for about two years. They do keep the air pure, and eat up the smoke.

Earl Elrod, Parker, AL

No stale smoke or cigar smell even in the morning after the business has been closed all night. Great product.

Homas J. Alpaugh, BK Wine & Spirits, Sarasota, FL

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