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How Purifan Works

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All air purifiers are not created equal. Purifan’s unique, patented design makes it the most effective air purifier on the market. The system draws in unhealthy, polluted air, filters it through a high-tech 5-stage filtering system, and then recirculates the clean air throughout your entire room.

Purifans use a standard ceiling-fan motor to spin the Purifan at an amazingly quiet 200 to 220 RPM. The rotation creates a powerful centrifugal force on the air inside the Purifan and that forces it out through the five stage filters hidden on the outside edge of the Purifan. Centrifugal force is the same force you feel that pulls you to the outer edge of a fast-spinning merry-go-round. The large volume of air leaving the outside edge of the Purifan creates a strong low-pressure area or vacuum directly under the Purifan that is strong enough to suck dust and allergen particles off the floor in most rooms. There’s no need to reverse the direction of the ceiling fan motor in summer and winter like with paddle blades. The Purifan’s airflow provides the same room airflow benefits as a ceiling fan, making the room more comfortable at a thermostat setting that saves costs on heating and cooling the room. Purifans are designed to run counter-clockwise to get the best airflow volume through the filters.

Creates Ideal Air Flow

The Purifan is installed on the ceiling in the center of the room.  It’s overhead, out of the way, and in the perfect spot to clean the entire room.

  1. Particle-filled air is pulled up from the low pressure area right below the Purifan.
  2. The dirty air is forced through the hidden 5-stage filters and out of the Purifan.
  3. The Purifan blows fresh, clean, odor-reduced, filtered air into all parts of the room.

This entire air-flow pattern is repeated every 90 seconds, which 40 Air Changes per Hour, in a 20 x 20 foot room (400 square feet).

5-Stage Filtering System

The Purifan five-layer filter captures particulates and odors using EPA-recommended filtering media technology. It uses recycled paper, HEPA-level particulate filters, and there is activated charcoal in three of the five layers. There are no electrically-charged particles put into the air, and no free-floating ions or Ozone added to your room.

Purifan’s advanced filtration system contains a polyester pre-filter to capture large particles like pet hair, dust, and carpet fibers. The second layer is an activated carbon filter, which absorbs odors and gases, then there’s a nanoparticle filter which al so has activated carbon to further capture odor-causing particles. The nanoparticle media consists of activated charcoal that has been crushed only a few nanometers in diameter, increasing its odor-absorbing surface by 10,000 times. The fourth layer is a HEPA filter, which traps particles as small as .3 Microns, and the final layer is another activated carbon filter, which gets rid of any remaining pollutants or odors.

Safer and More Effective than the Competition

Activated charcoal captures odors and volatile organic chemicals out of the air as the air passes over the charcoal surface. Typical floor and shelf air purifiers use expensive air filters with very little, if any, odor-reducing activated charcoal. Purifan filters include a total of six square feet of activated charcoal filtering!

Some air purifiers use ionic charged attraction and collector plates. Not only do the plates require cleaning once or twice a month, ionic air filters have been flagged by consumer research groups as producing dangerous levels of Ozone in a closed room. Visit the EPA website for details on the health effects of Ozone produced by ionic air cleaners.

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