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How Does Purifan Work?
The Purifan creates a low pressure area in the center of your room, drawing impure air up and filtering it through an advanced 5-stage filters, then recirculating the clean air throughout the entire room. The Purifan cleans and circulates more than 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute. It cleans the air in a 20′ x 20′ x 8′ room every 90 seconds!
What is the Purifan Clean Air System?
The Purifan is a highly-effective, efficient and quiet air purifier designed to replace the paddle blades of some 48″ and most 52″, 4 or 5-blade ceiling fans. The Purifan turns a ceiling fan into a very efficient air cleaner that circulates and cleans the air throughout an entire room
If I order, how long do you take to ship?
Purifan ships orders Monday through Friday. I the order is received prior to 2PM Central Time, we can usually ship the order the same day. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are usually shipped on Monday.
How often do the filters need to be changed?
Filter changes depend on the environment in which they are used. For example, if you live on a dirt road or where there are many smokers present the filter life may be shorter. On average, most residential units will only require filter replacement about once every 9-12 months. If you have smokers or a lot of pets, filters should be changed about every 6 months. For offices, day-care operations, schools, nursing homes and most retail businesses, the filters last about 90 to 120 days. The most annoying odor problems may require more frequent filter changes, such as pet stores, locker rooms, health clubs, bingo halls, casinos, cooking odors, chemical odors, dry cleaners, print shops, sign stores, copy stores, zoos, homeless shelters or business that produce undesirable odors.
How much are replacement filters?

PA1 – Allergy and Dust Filters – $59 a set including shipping. $500 for case of 12, including shipping.
PA2 – Smoke and Odor Filters – $69 a set including shipping. $560 for a case of 12, including shipping.

The PA1 or PurusAir I filters are $50.00 per set. The shipping adds $9 so the delivered price is $59. Buying a case of 12 filter sets drops the price to $41.67 per set including the shipping. Case price orders save 23% over buying the filters in single piece prices. These are great Allergy and Odor filters for homes, offices and business applications. They are also used in schools and day-care operations. A school classroom needs 2 filter changes per year. The typical home owner needs a filter change every 9-12 months. These filters contain two particle capturing layers including a .3 micron HEPA filter layer. The PA1 filter includes three layers using activated charcoal that capture and reduce odors. One of these layers uses state-of-the-art nano-sized charcoal particles to increase the charcoal surface area by more than 1,000 times, capturing more odors and volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the room.

The PA2 or PurusAir II filters are $60.00 per set. The shipping adds $9, so the delivered price is $69. Buying a case of 12 filter sets drops the price to $46.67 per set including the shipping. Case price orders save 27% over buying the filters in single piece prices.These are the best smoking filters and are also great at reducing ammonia odors with their layer of potassium permanganate and alumina which are great at capturing these odors and the gasses from cigarette smoke. Heavy smoking areas like casinos, bingo halls and some bars may need new smoking filters every 4-6 weeks. The capture of ammonia odors are ideal for day-cares, nursing homes, pet stores, zoos, homeless shelters and police stations or offices near detention areas. Case prices are available to get a lower price per filter set. Each set contains five segments to change all the filters in the outside edge of a Purifan. A case of filters contains 12 sets of filters. Filters cannot be washed or re-used, and should be thrown away.

Can filters be washed to save money?
No the filters include layers made up of recycled paper and a lot of charcoal. Washing them would destroy the paper layers and make a huge mess. The charcoal layers cannot be reactivated by washing and must be replaced after they have absorbed a lot of odors. The filters are disposable and should be thrown away.
Can I use cheaper knock-off filters in the Purifan?
We strongly recommend using Purifan Factory Certified filters in your Purifan. The knockoff filters violate our patents, and use cheaper materials, eliminating important filter layers. Many customers have told us they tried other filters and the Purifan stopped working on dust and odors, so they ordered new filters from Purifan to get the performance they expected from their Purifans. One very critical problem with cheap knock-off filters is that they can put a heavy air load on your ceiling fan motor because they don’t provide the correct air resistance. This can cause your motor to overheat and fail. Severe cases might cause a fire in the ceiling fan motor. If a customer uses filters other than ours, it voids the lifetime warranty we offer on the Purifans and motors we sell. Making cheap knockoff filters that look like Purifan Factory Certified filters may seem like a bargain, but many people have reported the Purifans quit working when they tried these knockoff filters. You want your Purifan to perform, and that means you should always use Purifan Factory Certified filters.
How much does the Purifan weigh? What is it made of?
It is made of light ABS (high impact plastic polymer) that weighs about 10 pounds. It has been specially designed to put no more load on the motor than the existing paddle blades.
How much energy does the Purifan use?
The revolutionary Purifan Clean Air System has been designed to put no more load on the motor than the existing paddle blades. This means that it uses no more energy than the existing ceiling fan – which is the equivalent of a 60-watt bulb. It also offers the heating and cooling benefits of a traditional ceiling fan plus the cleaning advantages of an air purifier.
Does the Purifan come with a motor?
About 90% of Dealer Quotes to commercial accounts include new matching motors from Purifan in the bid. The standard Purifan is sold without a motor because many existing ceiling fans have motors that can be used to drive the Purifan by taking off the blades and installing the Purifan. Most Purifans are sold with new matching-color Purifan motors for an additional $75 plus $10 for shipping. These motor have matching colors to the Purifans offer good performance and a long warranty. These motors can have a variety of optional light kits installed. Purifan also offers an industrial 4-speed motor for $150 that increases the speed of the Purifan from 210 RPM to about 300 RPM. This increases the air-flow to almost 4,000 to 5,000 CFM compared to 2,000 CFM for our standard motor. The industrial motor creates more airflow and this can be desired in health clubs, bingo halls, casinos, bars, restaurants and some retail stores or business applications. Lower cost 52-inch motors are available in the Lowe’s Builder’s Best Series. These typically sell for $55 to $75 at Lowes and the Purifan has a five bracket mounting system that is compatible with these motors. Many existing motors may also be compatible, but the motor should be evaluated for rotational speed and wobble on the highest speed. Send us a Contact Us request and we will send you the current model and item numbers of the ceiling fans that are compatible with the Purifan. Many Home Depot Hampton Bay models are not compatible due to limited space below the motor plate. This problem with Hampton Bay causes the brackets to rub, or in some cases they cannot be mounted in the tight space available
Will the Purifan work with an existing light kit?
Purifan offers a great selection of light kits for your Purifan. Purifan motors can also use light-kits you purchase from the local Lowes or Home Improvement store. The Purifan will work with most existing light kits.
How will the Purifan attach to my ceiling fan?
It actually replaces the paddle blades of your ceiling fan. The Purifan is easy to install. Simply remove the paddle blades from the ceiling fan, then using our universal mounting brackets, mount the Purifan onto the ceiling fan. The paddle blades can be stored away.
How long will it take to install my murifan? Can I install it myself?
Purifan has many high-quality dealers who are expert at installing Purifans on new motors or existing motors if they are compatible. Many people who are handy with a screwdriver and ladder can install their own Purifan. Purifan is easy to install. On average it takes around 45 to 60 minutes to install the first time you read the instructions. If you’ve installed one or more, you can probably install another in 20 to 30 minutes.
At what speed should the ceiling fan be set?
For maximum Purifan efficiency the ceiling fan motor should be set on high or the fastest speed.
How do I know if the Purifan will work on my ceiling fan?
The best way to solve installation problems is to buy your Purifan from an authorized and trained Purifan dealer. They have a lot of experience in solving common installation problems and issues, and if they can’t install the Purifan on your motor they typically have a Purifan matching motor with them to install your Purifan. You can move your existing ceiling fan to another location. If you want to install the Purifan yourself you can make a few simple checks to see if it is likely to fit. First, determine the size of your ceiling fan by measuring from the tip of one paddle blade to the center of the motor. Multiply that number by two. Most ceiling fans are 36″, 42″, 48″ or 52″. The Purifan is designed to work with traditional four or five blade ceiling fans and will work with some 48″ and most 52″ fans. Second, check to see if you can see where the blades connect to the motor (they are usually secured with two screws). If you can see the mounting screws by standing below the fan motor – in most cases your fan will be compatible with the Purifan. Third, remove one of the blades from the fan motor. Is there at least 1/2 ” of space from the bottom of the motor, (where the blade attaches), to the top of the switch housing (decorative round canister hanging below the motor that contains the speed switch)? If so, your fan will in most cases be compatible with the Purifan. Fourth, measure the distance from the center of either blade mounting screw to the outside edge of the motor shaft. If that distance is at least 1.75″ your fan will in most cases be compatible with the Purifan. There are thousands of Ceiling Fan motor designs, so Purifan cannot promise you can install a Purifan on any ceiling fan motor. There are techniques to deal with rubbing and other common problems, and we can help you if you call us.
How much does the Purifan cost?
The Purifan Clean Air System’s MSRP is $399.95 complete with its first set of filters. Purifan offers a lifetime warranty. More price information is available by clicking the Order Now button and looking at the available bundles in the Online Store.
What are the color options for the Purifan?
Purifan comes in four designer color choices: Ivory, Black, Pewter, and Bronze.
What mekes the Purifan's filtering system so unique?
Purifan’s revolutionary 5-stage filtering system can be adapted to the environment simply by changing the filter media. The Purus Aire I filter media reduces allergy, asthma, and respiratory particles using an advanced 5-stage filter that consists of a polyester pre-filter that captures bigger particles like dust, hair and even bugs. Next there is an activated carbon filter that filters out odors. Then there is a nanoparticle filter that efficiently eliminates any remaining odors. This is followed by a HEPA filter section which reduces particles as small as .3 microns. This final stage is an additional layer of charcoal. The PurusAire II filter media reduces the gases and odors associated with smoke. This 5-stage filter consists of a polyester pre-filter which captures the bigger particles like dust hair and even bugs. Next there is an activated carbon filter that filters many of the gases and odors. Then there is a Potassium Permanganate section with activated alumina that filters many of the gases and odors that do not react to activated carbon, such as Amonia, Butane, Formaldehyde and Methane to name a few – all of which are present in cigarette smoke. This is followed by a nanoparticle filter that efficiently eliminates any remaining odors. This final stage is another layer activated carbon.
Where is the Purifan made?
Right here in the USA!
Where can I see a Purifan locally?
At this time you should order the Purifan online at our website or by calling 800-686-6131. We have a few regional dealers who sell, install and clean Purifans in their local markets. A list of the current dealer network is a PDF on Brochures You Can Print.
Where can I buy a Purifan Clean Air System?
The fastest way to get your Purifan is to order it online. Order online at this site by clicking the Order Now, You can phone in your order at 1-800-686-6131.
Can I become a dealer/distributor?
We are always looking for quality dealers and retail partners. Please call 800-686-6131 to request a dealer or retail partner information package.

School FAQs

Why do PTA and PTO groups buy Purifans for their Classrooms and not the schools?

We have some schools that do purchase the Purifans for their classrooms, but this is often driven by complaints by parents or teachers of serious health problems in their building usually caused by past water damage. School buildings get hidden mold during water damage to the building usually caused by leaking roofs and windows, storm or flood damage, or a major plumbing break flooding the walls with water. The hidden mold in water damaged buildings can cause serious health problems for teachers and students. The primary reason PTO and PTA groups buy the Purifans is that the financial benefits of healthier children are received mostly by the parents, their health insurance providers and their employers. The health savings for students on Medicaid provided health insurance are primarily given to the state’s medicaid program. The school budgets do get some cost savings benefits with healthier teachers, lower costs for substitute teachers and less dust-caused overheat damage to computers, projectors and other electronics in the classrooms. But schools usually need to spend their budget money on other things more related to their direct teaching activites. Moving the air in the rooms can also reduce a school districts’ heating and cooling energy costs, and save on replacing HVAC filters clogged by dust. Parents who want the benefits of healthier children, missing fewer work days and having children get higher grades and test results are a big reason PTO and PTA groups fund Purifans for cash-strapped schools. Since over 90% of the financial savings and payback go to the families, their insurance companies and their employers, PTO and PTA members can justify the effort to raise the money needed to equip the classrooms with Purifans and provide funding needed for the annual filter changes each year.

How much does a school have to spend each year on filter changes for the Purifans?

The typical classroom has two Purifans, and they change each filter set at the start of the school year, and again over the holiday break. The total cost of four filter sets needed per year is only $208 including shipping. If there are 20 children and 1 teacher in the classroom that is an annual cost of under $10 per school year per person. If a school has many classrooms with Purifans they usually buy Purifan Factory Certified Filters at case quantity discounted prices. There are school filter bundles offered on the Purifan website at discounts so the costs per year per classroom drops to $168. This means the annual cost per student drops to only $8.40. What other use of $8.40 spent per student could provide such a tremendous benefit for health, learning and test score results.

Can increasing the daily attendance of students actually increase the state funds sent to that school?

Yes, in some states, like Texas, they have passed laws to move the money to the schools where the students are attending today. They pay the school about $35 per day, per student in attendance, but when the student is home sick the school loses the $35 payment. This punishes the school budget if the classroom air quality is causing many of the illnesses and absences. There is a white paper called “ROI Calculations for a Texas School District…” that allows a district to see the financial budget increase per classroom per year if the absenteeism rates can be reduced by improving the classroom air quality.

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