Our Company

Our Company

Purifan was founded in 1998 by Paul Fiacco in Wichita, KS to provide a solution for loud and inefficient air purifiers that were flooding the market. Current President Stanley Brannan took over in 2005 and continues Fiacco’s passion for improving air purifier technology for customers nationwide. 

Our Products

At Purifan, we offer our premier Purifan air purifier, accessories, and services to customers looking to reduce allergy symptoms, remove odors, and eliminate smoke, dust, mold, and other harmful air particulates from the environment.

Although our team does not provide installation services, we are available to provide assistance, customer support, and training to empower you to install and operate your Purifan with confidence. 

Why Purifan?

Unlike other air purifiers available on the market today, Purifan’s unique air filtration system utilizes charcoal and paper filters designed to be disposable and replaceable. This type of filter system has been proven by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to actually reduce harmful and contagious air particles, unlike other filters designed to be washed and then reused continually. 

Purifan is designed to fit easily on your ceiling fan, allowing it to be out of the way, but also in a central location to increase continual air movement to clean the air most efficiently. Proven to be more powerful and effective than other air purifiers, Purifan is also quiet and energy efficient, lowering energy and operation costs. 

We are proud to say Purifan is Made in America and all our products carry a lifetime guarantee to give you peace of mind. 

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