Purifan Installation Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions with Video
Purifan Installation Guide

Installing a Purifan is easy to do. If you’re handy and can follow instructions, you can do it yourself in about 30 minutes or less. The instructions below will explain the process. Make Sure You Read and Understand These Instructions Before You Start. If you have any problems or would like a local trained installer to install your Purifans, call us toll-free at 877-789-9580.

Note: Purifan has many local dealers and installers who deliver turn-key installed solutions everyday to residential and business customers in their territory. They also provide excellent filter change and cleaning services to keep commerical units clean and operating at peak efficiency.

General Information

The instructions below explain how to install a Purifan on an existing ceiling fan. If you need to install a ceiling fan first, the fan must be installed in accordance with the fan manufacturer’s installation instructions regarding proper support. The electrical junction box must be secured to a joist, a crossbrace, or a cross hanger, as required by the ceiling fan manufacturer. If you are installing the Purifan on an existing ceiling fan check to ensure that the ceiling fan has been installed properly and according to manufacturer requirements. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt. If you are installing on suspended ceiling tiles, please click on this link for Suspended Ceiling Installation.



To reduce risk of electrical shock, ensure electricity has been turned off at the circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning.


Turn off ceiling fan. Allow time for the fan to come to a complete stop, and light bulbs to cool before proceeding.

Depending on the light assembly configurations, the Purifan can be installed over the light fixture by removing light bulbs and decorative globes. However, in some ceiling fan models it may be necessary to remove the entire light assembly. If the light assembly is to be removed, be sure that electricity to the ceiling fan has been turned off at the circuit breaker or fuse box, prior to disconnecting the light fixture assembly.

To Begin Installation

  1. Remove the Ceiling fan paddle blades. Support a paddle blade with one hand and remove the screws that fasten the paddle blade to the ceiling fan motor with your other hand. This is to prevent damage to the paddle blades and the screw threads in the ceiling fan motor. When you are finished, there will not be any blades or brackets that held the blades attached to the motor. You will notice screw holes in the motor housing. You will be using these holes to attach the Purifan mounting brackets.
  2. Using the screws that fastened the paddle blade to the fan motor, screw in the Purifan mounting brackets to the fan motor. There is a decorative side to the bracket which should face downward where people will see it. If you are unsure which side is which, look for some numbers that have been stamped on the bracket, this is the non-decorative side and it should face upward. You will also notice where the screws go into the bracket that one end is flat and the other has a built-in half inch spacer. The spacer end attaches to the motor housing and provides some necessary room for the Purifan. When attaching the Purifan brackets, be sure to skip one hole in the motor housing between each bracket. This is because most ceiling fan blades attach with two screws, the Purifan bracket uses one screw for each bracket. Attach four brackets if your ceiling fan is a four bladed fan, five brackets for five bladed fans. When you are finished you will have mounting brackets that attach to the motor on one end and hang out over or close to the edge of the motor on the other end.
  3. Loosen each bracket screw 1/4 turn, and rotate all but one bracket toward the center of the fan motor. This is to get the brackets out of the way so you can mount the Purifan. The one bracket that you left extending out from the fan motor will be used as a ledge to temporarily hold the Purfian while you are mounting it as described below.
  4. Install the Purifan filters. You will notice along the perimeter of the Purifan that there are five doors that can be removed by sliding them away from the unit. They are curved pieces that are about 16 inches long and three and half inches high. After sliding a door, push the filter into the space behind the door and slide the door back into position. Do this for all five doors and filters. The black side of the filter faces outward which enables the largest particles to be filtered first with progressively smaller particles caught as air moves from the inside of the filter to the outer edge.
Note: It is important that you only loosely tighten the bracket screws at this point. This is needed for the balancing procedure below. You will tighten these screws later.

Balance Your Purifan

    1. Turn on the ceiling fan and let the Purifan spin in a counter clockwise direction for about one minute. This procedure will cause the slightly loose screws to automatically align themselves into balance. After one minute, turn off the ceiling fan and let it come to a stop without touching it. If you were to touch the Purifan now, it could disturb the balance since the screws are not yet tightened.
    2. Carefully tighten all bracket screws, first on the ceiling fan motor and secondly on the Purifan end of the bracket. As you tighten the screws, be careful to not misalign the Purifan that you just balanced.
    3. Turn on the ceiling fan and observe the Purifan. The Purifan may exhibit a slight wobble, which will not affect the operation or performance of the unit. If the wobble is excessive or unacceptable, follow the following leveling procedures.

Level Your Purifan

    1. If your Purifan has a “wobble”, turn off the fan and wait until it stops rotating. Then, slowly spin the Purifan by hand and observe the wobble. You are looking for a high or low spot on the Purifan as it spins. If there is a high or low spot it is usually very small, perhaps a 1/4 of an inch or so. It is often helpful to look at the Purifan at eye level. It is also helpful to place a business card or other piece of paper in a slot on one of the doors. You will note that a business card can be temporarily wedged between a slot in the door and the outer edge of the filter. This can be helpful in giving you a frame of reference for observing any high or low spots.
    2. Once you have determined that there is a high or low spot, hold the center of the motor with one hand and gently pull or push on the edge of the Purifan where the high or low spot exists. Push gently with about the level of force it would take to close a car door.
    3. Once again, slowly spin the Purifian to look for high or low spots. Repeat the pull or push procedure until you are satified that the Purifan is level. It does not have to be perfect in order to perform well. Just get it close and you’ll be fine.
    4. Turn on the Purifan and confirm that it is spinning in a counter clockwise direction and that it is spinning balanced and level. Your’e now finished with installation and ready to enjoy cleaner healthier air from your Purifan! If you have any problems call us toll-free at 877-789-9580.
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