Smoke Removal For Clubs & Bars

Keep Your Smoking and Non-Smoking Customers Happy

Every club, restaurant and bar that allows smoking knows the odor can drive away both non-smokers and smokers. Customers and patrons don’t want their clothing, hair and skin to carry the smell for the rest of the night. Installing a Purifan is the best solution for reducing smoke and odor issues, so your guests will stay longer and spend more money.

Many of our new customers come from referrals. When other clubs ask Purifan owners if they know of a better solution for replacing broken electrostatic smoke eaters, the answer is usually to call Purifan because it works and lasts a lifetime.

A Few Words About Electrostatic Smoke Eaters

Electrostatic smoke eaters, which cost five to ten times as much as Purifans, usually only last about two years before they wear out. Even newly-installed units may have substantially reduced performance due to corroded electrostatic plates after just three months of use. This is because many servicing dealers and smoke eater service organizations swap filters to save costs, replacing a dirty set of plates with a used set that’s been cleaned. So your club’s new, expensive electrostatic collection plates are taken back to their shop, cleaned, and delivered another bar or club.

Seven Reasons to Choose Purifan for Smoke Odor Removal

  1. It’s the Most Affordable Solution – Every club and bar wants to solve this problem for the long term, in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune. Purifans are the lowest total installed cost smoking solution.
  2. They’re Built to Last – Purifans come with a lifetime warranty and operate like brand new every time you change the filters. Most expensive electrostatic smoke eaters last 24 to 30 months before they wear out.
  3. Save on Electricity Costs – Part of the total cost of owning a smoke and odor solution is the operating expense. One electrostatic smoke eater can add $300 or more to your club’s monthly electricity bill, and many clubs have multiple units. The energy-efficient Purifan is totally silent and uses only half an amp of electricity, the same as a 60-watt bulb, even when running on high. Compare this to electrostatic models which are loud and can draw 8 to 10 amps when operating on high.
  4. Low Maintenance Cost – Just on monthly maintenance alone, Purifans can save a lot of money for the bar or club. Most electrostatic smoke removal solutions require monthly cleaning, and typically require expensive repairs after only a couple of years.All that’s needed to keep a Purifan running like new is regular filter changes. There’s no cleaning needed because the filters are disposable. There are no tools required, and you can change the filter yourself in minutes. Depending on the number of units in a room and the density of smokers, Purifan filters last three or four months, and longer when smoking levels are lower during slow business periods.
  5. The Most Effective Design – The Purifan’s revolutionary design moves more air through the filters per hour than any other air purifier. In many installations, the entire volume of air in the room is filtered once every two minutes. Most electrostatic smoke removal systems have no charcoal to reduce cigarette and cigar smoke odors. This is what saturates customers’ clothes, skin and hair and makes them avoid coming back to a club or bar.Purifan’s five-stage filters have three layers with activated charcoal, and one layer with potassium permanganate and alumina to capture and reduce odors in the air. These are the exact types of filters the EPA recommends for reducing odors and harmful volatile organic chemicals or VOCs in the air. See more about how Purifan works.
  6. Quiet Operation – The Purifan is totally quiet while operating on its highest performance setting. It makes less noise than a bladed ceiling fan, eliminating the blower and sparking noise that clubs have to endure with electrostatic smoke eaters.
  7. Lifetime Warranty – Every Purifan comes with a lifetime warranty, and many units that were installed in the late ‘90s are still operating today. For over 5,000 bars and clubs, Purifans were the last smoke and odor system they ever had to buy.

Are you ready for cleaner indoor air, pure and simple?

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