Air Purifier for Homes & Apartments

Remove Irritating Allergens, Dust, and Odors

Did you know the air inside your house could be up to five times as toxic as the air outside? This is according to the Environmental Protection Agency, who has been studying indoor air pollution in recent years.

The fact is, the air you breathe in your home is filled with dust, pollen and pet dander particles, as well as your own decaying skin cells. Then there are smoking and cooking odors, cleaning chemicals, hair and nail products, and the list goes on. All these contaminants end up in your lungs, unless you filter them out.

Purifan is the Ideal Home Air Cleaner

Purifan is the perfect solution for filtering the air in a home, apartment, condo, and even hotel. It installs easily onto an existing ceiling fan motor in minutes using just a screwdriver, so there are no expensive installation costs. Purifan’s innovative 5-stage filtration system reduces airborne particulates, allergens, odors and household dust. You may have seen similar “bladeless” ceiling fans on the market, but only genuine Purifans can clean all the air in a 20 x 20 room every 90 seconds.

What Makes it so Effective?

The Purifan’s design creates the perfect airflow. It’s mounted on the ceiling, unlike other residential air cleaners which sit on the floor or a shelf. Not only does this keep it out of your way, it puts the Purifan in the best place to clean all the air in the room. As the unit spins, it creates a vacuum that sucks up the dirty air from the floor, forces it out through five layers of filtration, and out into all corners of the room.

Six Reasons Homeowners Love their Purifans

  1. Simple to Install
    All you need is a screwdriver.

  2. Low Maintenance
    Just change the filter once or twice a year.
  3. Silent Operation
    It’s even quieter than a ceiling fan!
  4. Same Benefits as a Ceiling Fan
    Circulate the air and eliminate cold or hot spots.
  5. Reduce Odors and Dust
    Spend less time cleaning and stop covering up smells.
  6. Lifetime Warranty
    Purifan will run like new for years to come.
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