Answers to the Most Common Purifan Problems


Purifan Troubleshooting

Welcome to the Purifan trouble shooting guide. Scroll down for the answers to the most common Problems and Solutions

If you have removed the bulbs and the globes and the Purifan still will not fit over the light kit, you will have to remove the light kit from your ceiling fan motor before continuing with the installation of the Purifan. Always disconnect the power from the breaker or fuse box before removing the light kit.

Some ceiling fan designs allow for easy removal of the switch housing. You should follow your ceiling fan installation instructions for switch housing removal or replace your ceiling fan motor with a Purifan motor. You can order a matching Purifan motor online or by calling toll free, 800-686-6131.

Verify that all of the brackets are installed in the correct holes. If the brackets are all installed correctly, you can generally correct this problem by changing the angle of the brackets. To do this, loosen all of the bracket screws and grasp the Purifan. While holding it steady rotate the ceiling fan motor slightly until the mounting holes line up.

Verify that all of the brackets are installed in the correct holes. If the brackets are all installed correctly, it is possible the ceiling fan motor is too small to operate a Purifan. Some ceiling fans, particularly three bladed fans or those that are less than 52 inches, have very small motors. A small motor doesn't rotate as fast and can even be so small that the Purifan brackets won't reach from the motor housing to the Purifan. Call us if you have a question toll-free at 800-686-6131.

Generally a four blade ceiling fan will use eight mounting holes and a five blade ceiling fan will use ten mounting holes. Some manufacturers drill more holes than are needed so they can use the same motor for several ceiling fan styles. To install the Purifan you will only need to install four brackets for a four blade ceiling fan and five brackets for a five blade ceiling fan. To do this you simply need to locate the 4 or 5 holes (depending on the number of blades on your ceiling fan) equally spaced around the outside edge of the motor.

First you need to try and turn the Purifan by hand. Does it turn freely? If it doesn't, this typically means that you have placed the unused paddle blade mounting screws back into the motor. Sometimes they are too long when not used with the brackets and they will bind up the motor. Remove them, if this is the case. If it does turn freely, then is is more likely that you have an electrical problem. There are several quick checks. First, check the forward/reverse slide switch on the side of the motor. Make sure the switch is moved all the way one direction. Second, check your wall fan switch, switch it on and off. Third, check that you have not turned off the electricity at the breaker. Fourth, remove the Purifan and the brackets from your ceiling fan motor. Does it spin now? If not, you will need to contact a qualified electrician.

The Purifan should turn in a counter-clockwise direction. When spinning in this direction the mini air scoops will draw air from below the fan and push it through the filters. The Purfian spins in a counter-clockwise direction during summer and winter. In the summer it will circulate air and make you feel cooler. In winter it will drive warm air from the ceiling and circulate it throughout the room making you warmer.

Yes, but for maximum efficiency the Purifan should turn counter-clockwise.

The white/blue side of the filter faces inside toward the center of the Purifan. The black faces to the outside around the edge of the Purifan.

This is often caused by a door not being properly seated. To correct this, turn off the Purifan. Place your fingers at the bottom of the door slots, thumbs on the bottom of the Purifan. Move the door slightly in and out while applying slight pressure between fingers and thumbs until the door clicks into place.

You will need to replace the Purifan. Please call toll free, 800-686-6131 for the Return Authorization and return shipping information.

The easiest way to address this problem is to take a Purifan bracket and one of your old paddle blade mounting bracket screws to your local hardware store. They will be able to locate a screw that will fit and solve this problem. Call us if you need help at 800-686-6131.

Go to the installation guide and follow the procedures for balancing and leveling your Purifan. If you have already tried that and you still have a big wobble, it may be your ceiling fan. Check your electrical mounting box onto which the ceiling fan is mounted. Is it secure or does it move? If it moves you will need to address this before continuing. If the electrical box is secure, check to see if the ceiling fan mounting bracket is tight against the electrical box? You can also check to be sure the set screws on the down rod are secure. You may have to refer to your ceiling fan owner's manual for information on how to tighten these screws. If you need help call us order toll free at 800-686-6131.

Unfortunately, it is likely a bearing noise that means your ceiling fan motor is going out. But, before you replace the motor you should check to make sure none of the screws that secure the Purifan brackets to the motor have gone in too far. On some motors, these can go in too far and rub on the internal housing. If everything checks out you should replace the ceiling fan motor. If you have questions, call us toll-free at 800-686-6131.

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