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Veterans Clubs Save Thousands by Installing Patented Smoke and Odor Solution
Veterans clubs, like the American Legion, VFW and social clubs like Eagles, Elks, have found that cleaning up the smoke and odor in their facility can have a big impact on member participation. More people attend for social hour in the bar or for a casual lunch or dinner in clubs with dining facilities. During big events, like dances and ceremonies, the smoking and non-smoking members appreciate the impact of the ceiling-mounted Purifans on reducing the negative impact of smoke and odors.

The Purifan Smoke and Odor Solution is rarely the first smoke removal system these lodges and posts have purchased, but it is almost always the last system they ever have to buy. The reason is that most prior purchases were electrostatic air purifiers costing thousands of dollars. These units have many negatives including using a lot of electricity, requiring regular expensive cleaning of the collection plates, and very noisy operation that disrupts the customers ability to have a conversation. The number one problem with electrostatic designs is they have a very shot life and are usually replace every 24 to 36 months, adding substantially to their long term costs. Many times the collection plates would spark loudly sounding like a bug zapper, forcing them to be shot off due to these noise complaints. Collection plates degrade rapidly because of cleaning processes used and within 12 months they performance of the electrostatic smoke removal system is substantially degraded.

This degraded collection problem is made much worse because most dealers who are engaged to do the required monthly cleaning, usually just swap the brand new units the club just paid a lot of money to buy, with some other club’s older used and cleaned collection plates and the new collection plates become part of the inventory of plates the dealer takes back to their facility and cleans and rotates to other customer sites. The dealer takes out many clean sets of electrostatic collection plates, pulls out the dirty set and puts in a clean set. So after one cleaning the post may have 2 year old collection plates installed in their brand new unit. The collection plates are the critical element for cleaning and quiet operation.

Purifans come with a Lifetime Warranty, and units installed in 1998 are still providing clean air for their lodges and posts. Every time you replace the disposable PA2 Smoke and Odor filters the Purifan operates as it was brand new. There is no degradation of effectiveness over time, even 10 or 15 years. Even the ceiling fan motors are replaced for free if the club has been buying Purifan Factory Certified Filters and purchased their ceiling fan motors directly from Purifan. The cost savings over just the first five years can be thousands of dollars when the post considers the cost of electricity, cleaning services, and the cost of replacing the units every few years. Here is a sample calculation of the long-term savings for a small bar area at a veterans club.

Purifan’s PA2 Smoke and Odor filters also contain 6 square feet of activated charcoal in three layers of the five layer filter. This can dramatically reduce the smoking odor from cigarettes or cigars. They charcoal layers absorb the undesirable odors. The electrostatic competitors usually do not offer a charcoal filter layer to capture odors. The odors are one of primary customer complaints because after attending the club, the patrons clothes smell like smoke even though they are non-smokers. This can drive down participation and revenues for the veterans clubs. The layers of activated charcoal in the Purifan PA2 Smoke and Odor filters include one layer saturated with Potassium Permanganate and Alumina, which are the EPA’s recommended filter media to capture harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) and odors from cigarette or industrial smoke. Another layer of the PA2 Smoke and Odor Filter is a layer that holds billions of tiny nano-particle sized pieces of activated charcoal. By crushing the activated to nano-sized particles the surface area of the charcoal increases 10,000 times or more. This increase the filter’s ability to capture these undesirable and harmful odors and VOCs.

The Purifan Company warns against the use of cheap knock-off filters in their Purifan. It usually dramatically reduces the performance of the filtration and odor capture capabilities of the Purifan Air Purifier. It voids the lifetime warranty and can damage or overheat ceiling fan motors because these cheap knock-off layers do not have the proper amount of air flow resistance to match the load on the motor to the same amount as the motor was designed to handle. This can result in shorter motor life, motor failure or a fire. Always use Purifan Factory Certified Filters to get the best filtration and odor capture performance from your Purifan, and this will keep your Purifan in Warranty. If you purchased your ceiling fan motors from Purifan, they too will be covered by the Lifetime Warranty of you use the Purifan Factory Certified Filters in your Purifan. If you use “patent-infringing, cheap knock-off filters” the Lifetime Warranty will become void and the performance can be substantially reduced.

Over 5,000 veterans clubs have made the switch to Purifans to get quiet, energy-efficient operation, disposable filters and a lifetime warranty. To find out more visit www.purifan.com